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Value of services

i.Profiler®plus,a medical vision check machine from ZEISS, can provide pre-warning of eyediseases.
Schedule an on-site visit withone click for employers, only takes 5-15 minutes/ empolyee to diagnosis.
AI powers personalized vision caresolutions for employees.

Advantages of service


One of the most advanced optometry equipment. Warn for eye diseases in merely 60 seconds
3D Virtual Try-On technology
3D topology technology can quickly match spectacle that is most suitable for the user's face.
Frame recommendation based on AI
Based on the AI engine and your vision profile, ensuring that each pair of glasses is personalized for you
Selective branded frames and lenses
The most popular high-quality frames with direct supplied ZEISS lenses

Service process

01 Reservation
Employer forward the reservation link to their staff which is customized by Optize reservation team.
02 On-site set up
The service team will arrive in advance and arrange the professional service space.
03 Professional lecture
Depending on the needs of the enterprise, the service team can provide additional lectures.
04 Eye exam
The eye exam includes objective optometry, early warning of eye disease and in-depth vision care consultation.
05 Online experience
Employees experience the virtual try-on technologies through Optize APP; Recommend the most suitable plan for matching spectacle to employees.
06 Service summary
After service, the service team provides service reports to the company and provides follow-up consultations for employees through APP.
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