Q1: Why Optize is dedicated to provide vision care solutions to employees?

A study found that nearly 90% of employees who use a computer at least three hours a day suffer Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), one of the most bothering office diseases which ranks 1st in global occupational diseases. Even minor vision problems can reduce productivity by 20%. If the computer vision syndrome is not carefully treated, there are chances for employees to get long term vision damage, which will further affect the health and work of employees negatively.

Q2: How Optize help employees alleviate computer vision syndrome?

Optize uses i.Profiler®plus, one of the most advanced optometry equipment, which enables all measurements of both eyes in approximately 60 seconds and to warn for eye diseases. And its efficiency and function are far better than other ordinary computer optometry equipment. Meanwhile, AI and AR technology developed by Germany’s scientist team, can generate personalized vision care solution quickly and accurately through combining the results from i.Profiler®plus and suggestions from professional optometrist team, to help employees solve their vision problems.

Q3: What are thedifferences between Optize and the other spectacles stores, hospitals, physical examinations?

Compared with traditional spectacles stores, Optize’s optometry equipment are much more advanced. At the Zeiss Experience Center in Berlin, experiencing an eye exam by using i.Profiler®plus would costs 100 Euros. Compared with hospitals, Optize is better at detecting daily vision problems, and hospitals focus more on eye diseases. Compared with most medical examination centers, Optize is more meticulous and professional, and can provide vision care solutions immediately.

Q4: Do you only use the ZEISS’s machine to conduct eye exam for us when you provide on-site service?

We not only use i.Profiler®plus to conduct eye exam, but also our optometrist team will provide deeper vision consultation to employees based on their demand.

Q5: After completing eye exam, what other services will Optize provide to users?

After completing eye exam, each employee can get a “My Vision Profile” and ”My soltuion”, which include suggestions/practises of using eyes and solutions of prescribing glasses according to personal vision situation.